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A disaster recovery plan (DRP) - describes how your organization is to deal with unexpected business interruptions. The continued operations of an organization depend on management's awareness of potential disasters, and their ability to develop and execute a plan to recover operations expediently and successfully.

The primary objective of disaster recovery planning is to protect the organization in the event that all or part of its business functions is rendered unusable. Preparedness is the key and appropriate plans will vary from one enterprise to another, however failure to plan is guaranteed to result in disruption to business and financial loss.

While full scale disasters are rare, the likelihood of business interruption within an organization is virtually certain. Your recovery plan should minimize the disruption of operations and ensure an effective outcome to any number of situations including:

Power Interruption: Power outages are usually weather-related. Major storms can disrupt service if lightning strikes electrical equipment or a tree limb falls on electric wires. Outages happen for many reasons and can last for any length of time.

Weather Related: Inaccessible roads, interrupted public transportation, or any event that prevents your staff from accessing your organizations facility.

Malicious Behavior: Even though employees are an organizations key asset, a single disgruntled employee can severely affect business operations. Equally important is the need to recognize the threat posed to systems operation by unauthorized external access.

System Outage: All networks, all hardware and all software applications are susceptible to failure. Committed vendor recovery times may vary from hours to days.

Demarcc Solutions will work closely with you, in a collaborative, flexible fashion to build a continuity solution that meets your recovery-time and recovery-point objectives. And we'll make sure it's a solution that helps your business achieve the right balance between cost and redundancy.

Our Hosted Solutions unite our advanced service management system with our extensive professional services, data center operations, and contact center capabilities. This powerful combination of functionality, skills, expertise, and resources allows us to provide a dedicated disaster recovery hosted solutions for your organization. Leave the service implementation, deployment, and operation of your Disaster Recovery to Demarcc Solutions.

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