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As its name implies, Agent Anywhere can route interactions from interaction point to agents residing anywhere - in a centralized call center, branch office, home office or all of the above. This granularity allows for multiple customers to be hosted on a single server, each running on a separate partition. There is no per-seat licensing, which is unusual in the call center industry.

The product has several unique aspects, but the extensive feature-set is what initially commanded our attention. Use of this product can eliminate the need for customer-premise PBXs, ACDs.

The Agent Anywhere application has been custom designed to allow remote headset connectivity from any high speed access point. Leveraging IP telephony, remote agents will access your dialing infrastructure at any location.
  • Introduce a truly flexible, scalable solution.
  • Minimize financial impact for PBX Licensing and Point to Point T1 connectivity.
  • Minimize decision making where dialer infrastructure is physically located.
Demarcc Solutions will work closely with you, in a collaborative, flexible fashion to build a continuity solution that meets your company's objectives. And we'll make sure it's a solution that helps your business achieve the right balance between cost and redundancy.

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